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Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome Research (based in the UK) is dedicated to providing information and advice to sufferers of CVS and their carers. We will try to keep things as simple as possible to help you through this debilitating illness.

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About CVS Research

CVS Research has been set up to try to pull together helpful information from as many sources as possible. Further down the line we aim to set up a charity to further help research into this debilitating syndrome. One of the main problems suffereres are finding is a lack of understanding from a lot of medical staff, poor diagnosis leading to little or no treatment in some cases, inconsistancy of ongoing treatment and help with aborting episodes before they start.

With this in mind... Can you help? We are seeking data to chart the numbers - names not required - all emails will be deleted once the information has been added to the database.

When we have sufficient data to create a viable chart it will be published here and on the website which we have just started to try to provide useful information to both sufferers and carers - as well as, hopefully, in some cases the medical profession.

The following items are of interest:

Gender - F or M?
Triggers - if known, what triggers your episodes?
Abort - what do you do to try to stop an episode in early stages?
Treatment - what treatment stops or helps your episode?
Duration - how many days does an episode last?
Cannabis - are you a habitual user? (No judgement - just for data)
Please send email to office@cvsresearch.org.uk

Current data - 11/3/22


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